Alan & Tracy Johnston

Representing: Coram Deo Ministries

Alan and Tracey grew up in Dungannon and met each other in their teens in Dungannon Presbyterian church Christian Endeavour. They have served the Lord together in many different ways, such as co–leading Holiday Bible clubs in Dungannon and Elmwood, Lisburn, and co–leading the PCI ignite team to Italy for three years.

Alan was formerly minister of Gilford and Tullylish congregations, before moving to Hazelbank Presbyterian Church in Coleraine in 2004. Tracey worked for nine years in Wesley Owen / Faith Mission Bookshop in Coleraine.

Alan and Tracey Johnston arrived in Italy in mid–June where they are working with Coram Deo Ministries.

Coram Deo are involved in book translation / publication, conferences and church planting.

They are mainly involved in Coram Deo’s first church plant Sola Grazia (Grace Alone) Church, in Porto Mantovano outside Mantova.

Their work will involve preachingadministrationteaching English as foreign language (TEFL)community outreach, and Porto United (sports outreach).

There is a long term desire within Coram Deo to be able to afford to open a coffee shop / bookshop in the centre of Mantova.

Alan and Tracey have three children, two of whom are young adults and will remain in N Ireland to further their studies. Their youngest son (mid–teens) will be travelling to Mantova in August to study an International Baccalaureate in Verona International School.



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