Lazarus Yeghnazar

Representing: Iran Changed for Christ

Lazarus Yeghnazar was born and brought up in Iran, making his own commitment of faith to Jesus as a six year old child, and growing up with a passionate commitment to serve the church.  Together with his wife Maggie, they felt God call them to leave Iran in the mid–1980s and to plant churches and train leaders; this became what they founded as 222 Ministries International.  

Lazarus is 222’s President and Maggie leads both the ministry to women and 222 Publications.  222 has been a pioneer in many areas of Farsi Christian ministry, including satellite television broadcast, the internet and on–line theological training.  222 has churches in 53 cities inside Iran and in 17 countries. 

Lazarus and Maggie’s core passion remains to train leaders and plant churches to see ‘Iran Changed for Christ’.



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