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  • Etta meets Laura Sanlon (UFM)

    Etta meets Laura Sanlon (UFM)

    The next in our series of 2013 speakers being interviewed by Etta Halliday.Lauras interest in Spain began as a tourist when she was a backslidden teenager but a recommitment to the Lord and a search for His will for her life lead to God calling her to serve as a missionary 1989. (God confirmed that call during the Bangor Worldwide Convention)....
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  • Worldwide Catchup

    Worldwide Catchup

    The growing trend in todays TV is to have the Catch up facility which enables viewers to watch, at any time, programmes they have missed and at Worldwide we are pleased that we can offer this mission resource completely free of charge.We are delighted that we now have 119 countries tuning into Worldwide Catchup not only during the week of the event in August but also throughout the year.Interestingly China is one of the highest viewers with almost 9000 attempts to view our videos but sadly the C...
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  • 2013 Promo Video

    2013 Promo Video

    Our 2013 Promotional Video is now available!Wed love you to highlight the various events running throughout the Convention week in your church or organisation! You can either show the video from this page, or you can visit our Vimeo page which will allow you to download an HD Quality version of the video.Promo Video...
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  • New youth and student initiatives.

    Give thanks for the good response to our new initiatives for young teenagers and for students.Attendance at both these events exceeded expectations. The inclusion of these new events meant for the first time we have something for all ages from 9 to 90 ( and beyond ) and it would look as if we should think of repeating them in the future....
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  • New Website Launched

    We hope youll have noticed by now, but we have a new site!Give thanks for the successful launch of our rebuilt website at the Church Alive events.Reaction so far has been positive and we pray that it will prove to be an effective tool over the coming months and years to make people aware of whats happening at Worldwide and of mission generally. Also that many people will take the opportunity to sign up as a prayer supporter and that the new online facilities for supporting the Convention financi...
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  • The Garvie Family

    The Garvie Family

    The Garvie family, who spoke in our candidates slot on the closing night of the 2013 Convention, have now arrived in Nigeria where they will serve with Mission Africa.Please pray for them during their settling in period and that the children especially will adapt well to their new surroundings. Pray also for their safety in an unsettled part of the world. ...
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  • Bank Holiday Specials

    The success of our Bank Holiday Special when, cumulatively, over 1000 people attended the seminar and the meeting in the evening and also for the very powerful message from the speakers that unity in Christ overcomes deeply held political differences....
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  • Lights to the World Programme Launch

    Give thanks for a good launch of our publicity material for Convention 2013 last Saturday morning.Our breakfast for local ministers, mission secretaries and agencies was well attended and our prayer is that the leaflets, posters and DVDs now available will be well used to get the Convention known in the wider Christian community....
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  • Prayer Meetings

    Give thanks for the strong support for the various prayer meetings through out the week....
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  • Photographic Exhibition

    For the first time the Convention will be presenting, in conjunction with Open Doors, an exhibition of photographs depicting aspects of the Persecuted Church. This will be split between the upper gallery area in the church building and in the coffee bar....
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  • Church Alive Prayer

    Church Alive Prayer

    As part of the Church Alive Conference, at 6.15 pm on Saturday 4th May in Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church, we are providing an opportunity for people to come together for a time of corporate prayer specifically for the persecuted church.You have been praying for our Church Alive Conference for some time now and we are really seeing the benefit of this. God is answering and it is coming together well. Please continue!As part of the Conference, at 6.15 pm on Saturday 4th May in Hamilton Road Pre...
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  • Christians cancel prayers in Egypt amid fears of attack

    Christians cancel prayers in Egypt amid fears of attack

    The patriarch of Egypts beleaguered Coptic Church has cancelled his weekly audiences with worshippers for fear that they would be targeted by Islamist militants loyal to Mohamed Morsi, the ousted president.We pray for our brothers in Egypt at this time as fears of attacks grow. More information can be found on The Times website....
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  • Waterfront 2015 / 2016

    Waterfront 2015 / 2016

    Please continue to pray about the possibility of going to the Waterfront again in either 2015 or 2016.We are in the process of contacting various possible speakers and our prayer is that we will be guided to the ones of Gods choice....
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  • Pastor Shi Weihan

    Pastor Shi Weihan

    We were disappointed to learn, recently, that one of our speakers, Pastor Wang, is unable to join us for Convention 2013.He and his family moved from China to take up residency in the USA and have been unable to get the visas which are required to leave the country processed on time.The pastors wife, Angelina, was also to be involved in the convention so there is double disappointment.We are grateful however to China Aid for suggesting an alternative to the Wangs and we are glad to announce that...
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  • Eastwood Update

    Eastwood Update

    As many will remember, David and family joined us for the convention last year whilst home on deputation. He returned to work in January and we received the following update. Please remember David in your prayers....
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  • Main Committee Meeting

    Pray for the meeting of the main committee on the 9th December when we will finalise the details of the programme for 2014 including the seminars and the new initiatives which have been suggested to us.Pray that God would guide in all our decisions....
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  • Can you help?

    Nearly all the work of organising the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention and the processing of donations to missions is carried out on a voluntary basis. This includes the development and maintenance of the Conventions computer system.This has been developed over the years by our former Treasurer, Norman Campbell, and continues to be developed and maintained by him. We are keen to find someone suitable who would come alongside and continue this work.The system is built on Microsoft Access 20...
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  • It Takes a lot More than Money – a Look at Paul’s Relationship with his Supporters

    In this seminar Myles will focus on what Paul appreciated about his supporting church in PhilippiMiles looks at their partnership, prayers, joy, messenger and concern and the supporters benefit in their account and their needs.Myles will then explore how this type of relationship could be nurtured between todays supporters and missionaries. This seminar is essential for anyone who is working with and supporting missionaries in their local church....
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  • Meeting of Finance Committee

    Please remember the meeting of the Finance Committee on the 5th December when the finances for the year will be reviewed and income dispersed to the many agencies which have been identified by donors.Give thanks for all the hard work put in to this aspect by Cecil and Norman and that our new facility for giving through the website seems to be working well.Give thanks also for the recent news that we should be in line again for a grant from the local council to help with publicity in 2014....
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  • New Website

    Please continue to pray for the ongoing work on our website which should be concluded in the next few weeks.DV we will be using the events on the 4th and 5th May to highlight the new site and our prayer is that it will be greatly used to promote the work of the Convention to a wider audience. Also that it would be the means of increasing our prayer support by encouraging folk to sign on for the monthly updates....
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