Looking Back at Worldwide 2006

The dust is now settling after a busy and exciting week at the end of August.  Those who attended were moved, challenged and uplifted by the many speakers who shared just a little bit about how God is working in the lives of individuals and nations across the world.  There were many memorable moments.  Upwards of 300 people gathered each morning Monday – Friday as Rev. Hugh Palmer, Rector of All Soul’s, London, showed how relevant to today’s world is Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth.  “Never grow weary of preaching the cross of Christ” Hugh declared, “for it must be God’s wisdom and not man’s opinion that shapes our thinking”.

It is this preaching that changes people – people like Sasha Tsoutserov, a former Russian agent.  “The KGB trained me not to smile”, he said, grinning from ear to ear, “but God turned my life around”.  Today he teaches at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary.

On Sokreaksa Himm who, as a 13 year old lad, was brutally chopped down by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia’s killing fields but amazingly he survived.  Some years later, in a refugee camp, his life was transformed by the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A powerful stillness filled the gathering as Sokreaksa shared his journey of forgiveness towards his enemies.

And memories linger on of 600 young people listening attentively as veteran missionary Dr. Helen Roseveare called them to surrender their lives totally to the claims of Jesus Christ.  The challenge was simple and direct – He gave his life for them; He calls them and us to hand over our lives to Him.  Many responded.

Dr. Steve and Peggy Foster seem to be doing the work of 20 people as they work to establish the first Christian hospital in Angola since 1975.

Chrissie Wilkinson is a passionate advocate for children at risk worldwide.  Thanks to the “Green Box” project, a bible based training resource, street children are enabled to understand that God loves them too.

Mary Kelly is a Bangor girl.  Already holding a degree in aeronautical engineering she is now training to be a pilot with Missionary Aviation Fellowship. 

Hugh, Sasha, Sokreaksa, Helen, Steve and Peggy, Chrissie, Mary – these are just some of the excellent speakers at this year’s Worldwide event.  Different people serving God in very different ways but together they say – with the Apostle Paul – ” the love of Christ constraineth me”.Praise God for their obedience to his call.  Pray that God will continue to use Worldwide to fulfil the missionary mandate to pray … to give … to go … for the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom.

And, of course, the Worldwide would not be complete without the Mission Resources Exhibition, a superb contemporary exhibition representing over 70 mission organisations and arranged by the Northern Ireland Missionary Secretaries Fellowship.  With around 200 people buzzing around the stands each evening it was a great opportunity to meet mission representatives and gather information about needs, opportunities and developments around the world.



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